Covid-19 Policy

Iqra Preschool will take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the children and staff attending the setting to minimise the risks from COVID 19.  To do this the following procedures will be applied.

Practical measures to reduce risk:

  • ensure parents are advised to keep children with any symptoms at home
  • ensure staff who are symptomatic do not attend work
  • frequent hand cleaning and good respiratory hygiene practices
  • regular cleaning of setting
  • minimising contact and mixing

The setting will ensure:

  • physical distancing between groups of children and staff as far as possible
  • that individual groups use the same area of a setting throughout the day as much as possible
  • that the sharing of toys and resources is reduced
  • that any toys or resources that are shared can be easily cleaned between different groups’ use
  • snacks and mealtimes will be planned to ensure groups of children are kept together

Additional measures:

  • Ask children to get to setting by foot, bike or car, avoiding public transport as much as possible, accompanied by just one parent or carer
  • Conversations with adults must be held at a safe social distance outside, or by phone or email
  • Children will not be allowed to bring anything from home –, toys or comforters
  • The first thing the children will do is wash their hands thoroughly
  • Furniture and the toys that might be difficult to clean – soft toys, and other small items will be removed
  • There will be no water play, no sand and no playdough
  • Staff will clean the classrooms regularly, wiping surfaces and equipment
  • Children will not be allowed to take pictures or other pieces of work home to their families
  • Parents and carers will be expected to wash their child’s clothes at the end of every day

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