I liked how much Rayyan has grown (his development) during nursery. I am thankful to the staff for making the effort to attend my child needs. Rayyan has come out of his shell since attending Iqra Preschool.

Parent of Rayyan - July 2018

I liked the trips involving parents, the parties, the space at the setting. Lena has learnt so much since starting at the setting. The staff are wonderful.

Parent of Lena - July 2018

I liked how enthusiastic and energetic the teachers are towards Ibrahim. He became more independent, learnt a lot of vocabs. I am very happy with the setting, love the newsletters, feedback from the teachers every single day.

Parent of Ibrahim - July 2018

Since my daughter came here she began to talk and interact. She used to be shy and hide away but now she is more confident. Her speech has improved…she interacts with people independently and does not need my support anymore.

Parent of Alisha - July 2018

I liked great environment, plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved, regular updates provided to parents, lots of varied activities for children.

Parent of Ilyas Hussain - July 2018

I liked the nursery because it was very open, welcoming and always engaging parents with children’s learning and activities.

Parent of Juwayriah - July 2018

I liked everything, friendly kind excellent staff. Really well-established learning environment. Great parties too!

Ibrahim will miss everyone.


Parent of Ibrahim Ahsraf - Really well-established learning environment

I liked Iqra preschool as the school has a friendly homely feeling. I felt safe and secure sending my son Zakariya.

Zakariya is a very active child and I can see a drastic change and my son has grownas a little man. I would sincerely recommend Iqra…


Parent of Zakariya Ahmed - Friendly homely feeling

I liked how confident he has become when he first started here. He was quiet and shy. Then he became confident. He is able to interact and engage with others. I can see massive difference and I am thrilled with the outcome.


Parent of Rayyan Rahmani - I can see massive difference

I liked everything about Iqra Preschool. Jannat has learnt so much from Iqra. The staff were so helpful and supportive. Jannat enjoyed her journey at Iqra so much. She doenst want to leave. You all will be missed. Thank you all so much.


Parent of Jannat Ahmed - The staff were so helpful and supportive