Background and Values

Iqra Preschool was founded to empower local communities through education. Our aim was to offer excellent childcare for local families. Research has shown that quality early years education can have a significant impact on the development of children.

Iqra Preschool started operating in September 2014. In just over two years it has become an established and reputable setting, catering for the local community.

In September 2016 Iqra Preschool was inspected by Ofsted and rated Outstanding in all areas.  Just a few weeks later our second provision was rated Good. This is a great achievement for us and a big milestone in our short history.  We will endeavour to build on this amazing success and go from strength to strength.

Provision at Iqra is designed to meet the individual needs of every child. Parents play an integral part in their child’s education, hence engaging parents as partners is very important for us.  Our focus is always on delivering the highest quality in our provision, service and parent relations.

Iqra Preschool looks forward to warmly welcoming children and parents to the setting.

Our  Values


The best possible opportunities are provided for children to develop in a safe and inclusive environment.


We aim for 100% customer satisfaction by ensuring we deliver the highest level of service. Equipment and the facilities are maintained to high standards.


We work with parents/carers as partners in their children’s learning. Parents participation is strongly encouraged throughout the child’s stay at the setting.