I liked everything, friendly kind excellent staff. Really well-established learning environment. Great parties too!

Ibrahim will miss everyone.


Parent of Ibrahim Ahsraf - Really well-established learning environment

I liked Iqra preschool as the school has a friendly homely feeling. I felt safe and secure sending my son Zakariya.

Zakariya is a very active child and I can see a drastic change and my son has grownas a little man. I would sincerely recommend Iqra…


Parent of Zakariya Ahmed - Friendly homely feeling

I liked how confident he has become when he first started here. He was quiet and shy. Then he became confident. He is able to interact and engage with others. I can see massive difference and I am thrilled with the outcome.


Parent of Rayyan Rahmani - I can see massive difference

I liked everything about Iqra Preschool. Jannat has learnt so much from Iqra. The staff were so helpful and supportive. Jannat enjoyed her journey at Iqra so much. She doenst want to leave. You all will be missed. Thank you all so much.


Parent of Jannat Ahmed - The staff were so helpful and supportive

Iqra Preschool has been an excellent foundation for both my children. Raafiya has really enjoyed her time here. She has made good friendship with peers and also the teachers. I am pleased with the service provided here and grateful to all staff of Iqra preschool. Thank you.


Parent of Raafiya Abass - Excellent Foundation

I liked the way staff settled my daughter during settling in period

  • Staff parent relationship
  • Feedback whenever you want
  • Activities to improve child’s learning

Parent of Rumaysa Islam - I liked the way staff settled my daughter

I liked everything about this pre-school. From the way my child was helped into the setting in to the amazing progress he made with mixing with other children, learning new words & making friends. The staff did a fantsastic job especially Sharmeen who did her very best always.

I recommend… to keep doing what your all doing as you are doing a fantastic job.

Parent of Usman Mirza - I liked everything about this pre-school

I am very pleased with Iqra in terms of helping my daughter gain confidence. Iqra has treated my daughter with care. The staff are extremely friendly to the chdilren. I have always felt comfortable leaving my child with the staff in Iqra. Thank you Iqra.


Parent of Khadijah Abur Rahman - Iqra has treated my daughter with care

I am very happy with Khadija’s progress. She has become more confident. She now (is) able to write her name by her self. She likes the teachers. She has very good bond with Miss Yasmin, the key worker. Thank you for all your support.

Parent of Khadijah Uddin - Thank you for all your support

Staff is very nice and …. My child is progressing. She is confident and well behaved. Keep it up Iqra school and make us proud.


Parent of Anaya Barot - My child is progressing